from now on, ill be mostly posting things at

which will be more of a collection of things i like, see and make. im getting out of the purely self promotion business.

apparently i have something in this show which is up now at michael rosenthal gallery in san francisco.  bunch of artists, all great.  info here

i am moving and i am also not wanting to carry a ton of large artwork around with me.  sunday, you can come over and look thru what ive got, make offers, whatever. with the exclusion of the first two, the rest of these are quite large, and there are more unpictured pieces. usually 48 inches one one side at least.  because of their size, i am most motivated to get rid of them.  HIGHLY MOTIVATED.

there are also a lot of odds n’ ends and more illustrationy stuff too.


havent updated this blog in some time.
here is something that is exciting to me. Revival House Press has just released a new 54 page comic that I’ve spent the last few months working on. This book collects the first three parts in a longer series. It’s offset printed with a full color cover.

here is what the website says: “Drew Beckmeyer’s first installment to his epic and wildly ambitious Everything Unseen. A blurring of reality, religion, and magic. This book contains all the mashing of visual ideas we’ve come to expect from his paintings.”

here is what someone, who i swear i do not know and did not pay said: ” I just picked up the new release “Everything Unseen” by Drew Beckmeyer at the Portland Zine Symposium (more on that later). Dave the “Rave” Nuss has found a jewel of raw beauty and futurez passion with this book!!! I am obsessed with it and I only finnished reading it the second time this morning and have only owned it 72 hours!!! I feel so lucky that this book lives with me!!! If you are unfamiliar with Beckmeyers work you should get all over his stuff, get yourself some juice and sit and melt with it for a while. He is truly brilliant, Beckmeyer just dove head first into comics like he has been at it for 20 years!”

only $10.  buy it HERE